Henry W. Bunbury (1750-1811)

Annals of Horsemanship:
containing Accounts of Accidental Experiments
and Experimental Accidents, both Successful and Unsuccessful
Communicated by Various Correspondents to
Geoffrey Gambado, Esq.
Author of the Academy for Grown Horsemen
and now  first published
By the Editor of the Academy for Grown Horsemen

Published in London 1796 for Hooper and Wigstead

Hand Coloured Stipple Engraving
Actually by Henry W. Bunbury (1750-1811)
Rare, beautifully engraved in stipple and
complete in a set of seventeen images.  The
text in its entirety accompanies the set.

This set of sporting prints is a must for any
collector of art pertaining to horsemanship.

Offered as a set of 17 unframed $3,750

Oriental Field Sports: Wild Sports of the East
Hand Coloured Aquatint Engravings published in London in 1807. First Issue

These large scale Folio images depict the English sporting endeavours of the 18th and early 19th centuries while living and trading in the colonies of the east, especially India. Many of their English sports were continued in the east hunting Peacock, Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos,
Jackals, and other exotic animals of India.

This great set of lithographs records these exploits.
Sices or Grooms Leading out Horses $1,200
The Chase After a Hog $1,250
The Hog at Bay $1,250
The Dead Hog $1,250
The Return from Hog Hunting $1,250

A Rinoceros Hunted by Elephants $900

Shooting a Tiger from a Platform $800

A Tiger Seizing a Bullock in a Pass $1,000

A Tiger Hunted by Wild Dogs $1,250

A Tiger Killed by a Poisoned Arrow $1,200
Killing Game in Boats $1,100
Hunting Jackalls $800

Smoking Wolves from Their Earths $1,000

Exhibition of a Battle between a Bullock and a Tiger $1,200
The Hog Deer at Bay $1,250